First we want to thank you all for the overwhelming response to our conference. We know that these are challenging times for everyone and we appreciate your engagement.

We want to thank also once more our funders NEUSTART KULTUR FONDS, DARSTELLENDE KÜNSTE and CHECKPOINT CHARLIE FOUNDATION as well as Kampnagel and Hellerau-European Center for the Arts who made it possible through their support to be flexible and realize an important exchange in difficult times.

For all who missed the Cyberattack Conference for all who want to review it or continue to watch it here you find the link to the recorded sessions.


An international online conference by NORDWIND in cooperation with FuturePerfect Studio (New – York), Denis Semionov, Kampnagel (Hamburg), and Hellerau (Dresden).


Can digital and hybrid presentation revolutionize the future of the arts?

In the last decade digital technologies have ushered in a proliferation of hybrid artistic practices, media forms, and discourses across communities all over the world. These technologies have not only shifted the ways audiences experience art in public spaces, they have enabled artists to expand and connect directly to their audiences, collaborate virtually, and interact remotely. The current global pandemic and the dangerously expanding warfare between Russia and Ukraine make understanding these shifts even more critical, as the opportunities for artistic production are continuously threatened by restrictions on public gatherings, new forms of surveillance and censorship are increasingly deployed by autocratic regimes, forced migration due to conflict and violence has devastated entire artistic communities, and an information war has left us all more fragmented than when the twenty-first century began. Cyber Attack: Digital Art and Activism investigates how and under what conditions artists are deploying technologies and online spaces to build impactful narratives and actions that respond to accelerating political, economic, and environmental crises, while forging new communities and alliances.

The event takes place in English with German, Ukrainian and Russian summaries as well as in international sign language.

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